'Love You' Celebrations Tin Candle


Ethos Celebration 'Love You' Tin Candle is a hand-poured scented candle. Crimson roses with a distinct, vibrant bloom. Charred woods with wisps of oak smoke, birch, raw amber, and deep rich musks complete this beautiful fragrance. 


  • Beautiful heart wax melt in the candle
  • The perfect gift to celebrate a special someone
  • Beautiful rare rose scent

Directions for use: Keep clear of flammable materials, heat sources, and draughts. Place on a heat-resistant surface and extinguish when only 5mm of wax remains. Trim the wick regularly to a 5mm length to restrict the flame size and keep out of reach of children and pets.

204g. 25hr burn time. Made in Wiltshire.

Retail Code: TCEL02C